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Where To Go For Care

When to go to the Emergency Department, Urgent Care or Primary Care Provider So, you fell skiing and woke up the next day with knee pain. Your child has a low-grade fever and mild cough. You are in your 70s and start having... Read More

Aging Immune System

We are living in the “after” times. Before COVID-19, immunology was hardly an armchair science. Before COVID-19, we weren’t concerned about infection. Before COVID-19, we didn’t have to keep track of our immune... Read More

Where to Go for Care

Distinguishing between primary, urgent and emergency care can make all the difference Stuff happens. When you or someone you love experience an illness or injury, it’s sometimes hard to know where to go... Read More

Pursuing a Career in Health Care

Colorado Mountain Medical celebrates eight employees who earned their medical assistant certification through new program On Friday, Aug. 12, eight Colorado Mountain Medical employees graduated from a new... Read More

A New Approach to Ergonomics

You might want to take a seat for this—new studies from Cochrane, an international research network dedicated to studying health care data, show that those who work at a desk don’t need the perfect work station for proper... Read More