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科罗拉多山医疗公司 celebrates eight employees who earned their medical assistant certification through new program

8月5日星期五. 12, eight 科罗拉多山医疗公司 employees graduated from a new program designed to help non-health care hires grow into careers in the field. The eight graduates have spent their last year working through a Patient Care Technician program that gave them the on-the-job training needed to become certified medical assistants.

科罗拉多山医疗公司’s education department initiated the new program last year as a way to address some of the staffing challenges facing the organization during COVID.

“COVID really did a number on the health care field; a lot of people really just didn’t want to work through all of that, 这变得非常具有挑战性,凯特琳·帕克斯说, 她是科罗拉多山医疗中心的首席临床教育工作者,最终负责建造, 实施和运行程序. “我们确实失去了一些年长的护士,他们只是不想冒险, 所以我们确实需要很多医疗助理.”

跳出思维定势,填补最需要的角色, 帕克斯看到了一个利用和培训现有员工的机会,这些员工渴望做更多的事情. 帕克斯说, a lot of the program’s first-year participants started as front-desk staff that expressed an interest in working on the clinical side of things and transitioned into the patient care technician program.  


Students in the program are given six months to a year to go through a series of modules that progress their skill sets toward what is needed to become certified as a medical assistant. 在节目中, 工作人员通过三个级别的晋升(PCT 1), PCT II and PCT III) with the fourth being becoming certified medical assistants after passing the national certification exam.

“我们制定了一个四步计划,让他们掌握这些技能. 每一项技能我都会密切监控,确保他们能够胜任. 他们会列出一份完整的技能清单,然后一一检查, 无论是训练团队还是他们当天的影子,帕克斯说. “pct喜欢能够在目前的范围之外做更多的事情, 这是非常有限的. We would train them specifically for 科罗拉多山医疗公司 and what we needed our clinical assistants to do differently from other places.”

所有这些技能培训都是在工作中提供的, meaning that not only were the students working toward — and gaining the skills needed — for the certification, 他们这样做是有人付钱的.

首届班的学生遍布整个组织, 在急救等部门工作, 儿科, 以及妇产科等专科, 泌尿科和耳科, 鼻子和喉咙.

帕克斯认为这个项目不仅是培训这些病人护理技术人员的机会, but also as a great way to address the organization’s staffing needs as it not only sought to reduce the turnover of current staff by ensuring training, 但也鼓励招聘新的无证员工.

“所有这些pct都非常渴望,他们很高兴有机会学习,帕克斯说. “所有这些pct都让我对他们的能力和所做的事情感到震惊. 他们真的帮助我们解决了我们面临的人员危机. 我们希望引进更多的人,因为他们给了我们很大的帮助.”

阿德里安娜·莫亚(Adriana Moya)是周五的毕业生之一, who first joined 科罗拉多山医疗公司 as a receptionist in 6月 2020 after losing her job at the 鹰 County airport. 另外, 莫亚还计划参加科罗拉多山学院的外科技术项目.

然而, 由于新冠肺炎疫情,该课程被推迟, 她把自己对医疗保健的兴趣转向了另一个方向, starting at 科罗拉多山医疗公司 with the hope that it would give her some exposure to the organization. 最终, the patient care technician program would give her exactly the type of exposure and experience she was looking for.  


“事实是,你不能直接跳到临床助理的角色,”她说. “You learn as you go the things that clinical assistants do on an everyday basis and I think that was what intrigued me; you weren’t jumping into it, 但你只是边做边学.”


“就我个人而言,在教室里学习对我来说更难. 因此,亲身实践是一种很棒的体验。.

通过这个项目, Moya was able to get a “glimpse into what I could be getting myself into as a clinical assistant once I graduated from the PCT program.”

“我觉得很多人都想进入医疗保健行业. 当他们在那里的时候,他们花了这么多钱才到那里, 他们其实并不喜欢,”她说。. “But the PCT program slowly brings you to see what the clinic setting is and it doesn’t just jump you right into it, 当你走的时候, 你看看你喜不喜欢.”

对莫亚来说,她发现这是她想要追求的东西. 莫亚一直在科罗拉多山医疗中心的妇产科工作, 帕克斯说她已经成为了“基石”.”

现在, 莫亚会留在警局, 她说她很喜欢亲眼看到医护人员如何与病人建立关系. 然而, 她在系里和这个项目中获得的技能, 如果她转到其他机构或医疗保健部门,她就可以使用.

“I feel like the best part of the program was that everybody helped you go at your own pace and the assistants that they would pair you with would help you with what you didn’t understand and if there was something you needed more practice on, 他们会很乐意让你曝光的. 如果有什么让你不舒服的地方, 他们不会逼你这么做的, 但会慢慢带你去尝试新的做法,”她说。.

通过阶梯式病人护理技术员项目, 莫亚通过一系列的病人和临床技能取得了进步. 这是从测量血压和基本生命体征等基本指标开始的, to learning how to conduct in-house laboratory tests such as glucose and hemoglobin tests to skills such as blood draws and monitoring heart rates with EKGs.


“I would recommend it to the people who have maybe have thought about going into health care but don’t exactly know where they want to go or what exactly they wanted to do,”她说。. “它只是让你对医疗保健领域所能提供的东西有一个粗略的了解, 只是在诊所里对病人进行常规护理, 这为你以后的生活打开了很多扇门. 它还不止于此.”

While Moya is excited to continue her career as a medical assistant in the organization’s OB-GYN department, she also sees a future where she goes to nursing school and pursues something in 维尔 Health’s Labor and Delivery department.

这个项目不仅赋予了参与的学生权力, 但帕克斯也表示,这对整个组织来说都是令人鼓舞的.

“我看到很多人都非常兴奋. 作为一家公司, 作为一个整体, 我们为每一位工作人员感到无比自豪. What they have done and accomplished has truly been remarkable and it has been something that has been so exciting to see,帕克斯说. 看到他们茁壮成长是非常令人鼓舞的.”

+, Parks added that it opened up the organization’s eyes to “looking outside the box” when it comes to recruiting and retaining new health care employees.

具体地说, 公园说 that this program offers a unique opportunity for high school students and recent high school graduates that are over the age of 18.

“This allows them to see if the medical field is right for them without putting years of commitment into something, 他们可以看看这是否是他们喜欢做的事情,然后通过这个项目,到目前为止, 他们喜欢它,”她说。. “当然, we always want to hire RNs (registered nurses) and medical assistants and EMTs — that’s our ultimate goal — but looking at the local students and what they can provide for us as a community is encouraging.”

展望未来, 公园说 she’s also interested in working with the local school district’s CareerX apprenticeship and career preparedness programming for additional partnership opportunities and employee pipelines.

虽然她预计该项目在确定之前还会继续发展, 公园说, “就快到了.”

已经, Parks has two recently hired patient care technicians that will start the program in 8月 and is encouraging anyone in the community over the age of 18 to apply for the patient care technician program and open positions.

“这很简单, all they have to have is a willingness to learn and want to know about the medical field and they can go onto our website and apply for a PCT position, 然后他们马上开始, 只要他们被录用,”她说。. “他们很容易就能进入这个项目, 除了那个职位,我们不会要求他们具备任何资格.”

欲了解更多信息,请访问 contravisuals.com/jobs 在组织的工作页面上搜索病人护理技术员的职位.