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呼叫 (970) 363-5430 to schedule a telehealth or in-person dermatology appointment in 雅芳 or 鹰.

Colorado Mountain Medical’s dermatology practice covers all aspects of dermatology, including medical dermatology 和 cosmetic dermatology. 

皮肤科医生 Dr. 克莱尔自由/开源软件Dr. 凯利·威廉姆斯莎拉血性小子, PA, focus on diagnosing 和 treating disorders of the skin, hair 和 nails. Skin is not only the largest organ, but it is also a window into the body’s overall health. 

Colorado Mountain Medical’s board-certified dermatologists underst和 the dynamic relationship between the skin 和 the immune system, 和 we work with patients on an individual basis to address medical conditions that affect the skin 和 hair, including the following:
  • 痤疮
  • 唇疱疹(疱疹)
  • 囊肿
  • 干燥的皮肤
  • 湿疹
  • 脱发
  • 荨麻疹
  • Hyperpigmentation 和 melasma
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Itchy skin (pruritus)
  • 软疣
  • 牛皮癣
  • 皮疹
  • Rosacea 和 skin redness
  • 皮肤癌
  • 皮肤感染
  • 白癜风 
Our providers are equipped to administer a variety of treatment methods, including narrowb和 ultraviolet light phototherapy, which is effective against many common skin conditions. We also offer Mohs surgery 和 excisions to treat 和 remove skin cancer. Colorado Mountain Medical partners with 维尔 Health's surgical providers, which allows patients the option of having incisions closed by a plastic surgeon after Mohs surgery. 

Cosmetic 皮肤病学

Colorado Mountain Medical’s cosmetic dermatology services are administered by board-certified providers in a professional setting, where medical advice, treatment 和 support are available if needed. While working with you to achieve your skin care goals, our cosmetic dermatology team remains committed to your safety, wellbeing 和 the overall health of your skin. 

Cosmetic dermatology services offered at Colorado Mountain Medical include:  


Living in the mountains is fun. What it does to your skin isn’t. Did you know that it only takes 15 minutes for your skin to be damaged when exposed to the sun at high altitude? Don't let those desired tans fool you–since getting a tan only means your skin is crying for help! Below are the best ways to protect yourself from the sun.
Sunblock is mineral based 和 sunscreen is chemical based; both protect the skin from the sun in different ways. Sunblock protects from UV rays by forming a physical shield with minerals such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide while sunscreen contains chemicals which absorb the UV rays instead of your skin. It is important to be using either a sunblock or sunscreen that is at least 30 SPF or greater. It is best if the sunblock or sunscreen denotes that it has broad-spectrum protection 和 is water resistant. Sunblock is better for sensitive skin. 
Everyone should find lip balm that protects from the sun with 30 SPF or greater.
SPF sun shirts are a great way for kids 和 adults to not worry as much about reapplying sun protecting lotions, however be mindful of covering all exposed skin with sunblock or sunscreen.
Protect your eyes 和 scalp. 在理想的情况下, everyone should wear a full-brim hat since Colorado Mountain Medical dermatologists find many skin cancers on patients' scalps 和 the top of their ears. 
Sunblock, sunscreen 和 lip balm can only last so long, no matter the SPF. You need to reapply every 2 hours, every time you come out of the water 和 towel off, or every 40 to 80 minutes if sweating or swimming.
Relax in the shade or under an umbrella during the sun's strongest hours between 10 a.m. 到2点.m.
你的脸, ears 和 scalp are the most common areas where dermatologists see skin cancer, as well as the less thought of places like the top of your h和s.

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