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If you’re unhappy with fine lines or wrinkles, schedule an appointment with a Colorado Mountain Medical dermatologist to learn more about Botox® and dermal fillers. Our board-certified dermatologists can help determine which option is right for you. Mountain life might make you happy, but that doesn’t mean you need the smile lines to show it. 


Botox is an FDA approved injectable formula that can help minimize the appearance of forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, and lines around the eyes for a refreshed look. This safe and effective neurotoxin contains small amounts of highly purified botulinum toxin that works to temporarily reduce facial muscle activity. By doing so, the skin is relaxed, allowing moderate to severe frown lines to be smoothed away for a youthful profile.

While Botox is a temporary solution to help soften wrinkles and lines, our dermatology providers help create an optimal treatment plan for ongoing results. Many patients have been able to see a difference in their skin after a couple days following their treatment, with results lasting an average 3-4 months. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to increase volume and restore more youthful facial skin contours, smoothing away moderate to severe wrinkles and folds that gradually appear with age.

Dermal fillers do not affect muscle activity like Botox and other wrinkle-reducing injections. Instead, these injectable products enhance appearance by adding volume. By adding volume with dermal fillers, the need for more invasive procedures can be avoided or postponed. With a variety of fillers to choose from, our experienced providers can soften facial folds and wrinkles, augment the lips and cheeks, enhance facial contours and improve scars.

Colorado Mountain Medical’s dermatology practice covers all aspects of dermatology, including medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. Find out more about our other dermatology services here: